I am a 3 year old, American Pit Bull Terrier who enjoys getting out and meeting new people everyday. Whether it's for a friendly scratch behind the ear or a chance at offering education, our goal is to help improve and change the image of the way people perceive a "pitbull". 

Some of the areas that we currently assist with are:
  • Dog training and assistance
  • Therapy Team testing
  • Visiting businesses, facilities and schools
  • Reading Educational Assistance Dog programs (R.E.A.D.)
  • Education on How to Greet a Dog
  • Education on How to Prevent a Dog Bite
  • Education on How to Read a Dog's Body Language
  • Pack Walks
  • How to become a volunteer (with groups, shelters, transporters, etc)

Another part to our education, is to work with people looking to add another fur-kid to their home. We take pride in doing research and looking into what you are looking for in a pet. This helps us, to help you, on finding the right fit. Often times, looks are a main factor when people are looking for a new pet; without giving thought to the overall well being, health, time and energy that the dog may need and leading to the dog needing to be rehomed or taken to a local shelter. Our goal is to help match the right dog to the right environment; one that will compliment your lifestyle!