​Meet the X- Dogs...
... where it's ok to be different
​The special dogs who make up the X-Dogs are here to show that it is ok to be different. Bullying in any form is unacceptable! The way you look or what you wear does not define who you are. Each of our X-Dogs can relate to various experiences; as well as, their handlers. From being different, to having a deformity or for simply just being a specific breed, they all have experienced the harshness and judgement that people can cast.

Some of the X-Dogs you may meet also work with the Superhero's team visiting patients, staff and
kids across the area. They are here to show everyone that YOU have a purpose!
No matter if you are a kid, teenager or even an adult, at no time should you have to experience bullying.

So, join the X-Dog family and show some positivity; you can tell them Lily sent you!







 To learn more on how to prevent bullying, check out our Bully Free Zone page ​​



Lily met her family not long after she was weaned from her mom. She was an unplanned littler and the only red one in the bunch. As she grew, her trainability and personality emerged beyond everyones expectations. With that said, her family started to explore the therapy world and other areas she may could benefit. She tested and became a registered therapy dog and passed her CGC all within 2 months! She then went on to get her R.E.A.D. (Reading Educational Assistance Dog) title, CGC-A, AKC Therapy Dog and AKC Trick Dog titles. Through all of the work, her favorite people to be around are kids! She absolutely loves the attention and helping kids learn how to become better readers!           Lily
Marty's story began with his human family in late 2016. A fun loving guy, Marty settled in well with his new family and fur sister. Suddenly, Marty started to have issues with his back legs. It was found out that he had ruptured dics in his lower spine that eventually left him paralyzied. Though is was going to be a unique road ahead, he and his new family set out on a new journey in life....together. In early 2017, Marty was able to receive his own customized wheel chair that would allow him additional freedom. It was an instant success. Now, if Marty is not out and about enjoying a hike
or playing at the local dog park, you
can find him spreading love and cheer at
​local facilities as a therapy dog. He is
​truely loving life!          Marty



Mia's story is very similar to Graeae's (her adoptive fur-sister). Like Graeae, she started out without a home and ended up at a local shelter. So depressed, she would not engage with volunteers or even move when someone came by. She was so withdrawn, she was on borrowed time at the shelter; you see they only have limited space. Luckily, the same local rescue with Graeae had also taken in Mia. She slowly started to come out of her shell but she always got some funny looks because of her teeth and she always had tear stains in her eyes. She often was overlooked until one day, a special family called her theirs'! Almost immediately, her tear stains disappeared. You can now find her running with her squeaker or loving on her family. She is about to start her therapy testing, so stay tuned!           Mia
Graeae, a sweet and loving girl, had a rough start to her young life. On top of being homeless, she was extremely underweight and was found with a nasty eye infection that went into her eye socket. When she had every reason to "bark" at the world, she came with a wagging tail. A local rescue was able to take her in and give her the care she so deserved. Though she lost her eye, it hasn't stopped her. She runs and plays every chance she gets and was super lucky to get adopted by a family who not only had other fur-kids, they had a human kid too! No matter what, she has let her disability slow her down. She is currently in training and will soon test for her therapy dog registration! Check out my adventures           Graeae